Junzi Sun


Lives in:
Delft, Netherlands


Chinese, English, Spanish


About me

I am passionate about aerospace and computer science. I like challenges and enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds. I was born in China and completed my bachelor's degree there as well. Since then I have studied and worked in six different countries. Thought I have held various positions, I am first and foremost an engineer. Currently, I am completing my PhD research at TuDelft, in the Netherlands.

#Computing, #Aircraft, #Coding, #Python, #Java, #PHP, #Cloud, #DataMining, #WebApp

Research and Education

2015 - Present: PhD at TuDelft. Research topic: "Developing Aircraft Performance Models Using Data Mining"

2007-2010: MSc of Aerospace Science and Technology, Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) Master Thesis

2003-2007: BSc of Electronic Information Technology, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication

2009 Jun-Aug: Space Studies Program, International Space University


Sun, J., Ellerbroek, J., & Hoekstra, J. (2016). Large-Scale Flight Phase Identification from ADS-B Data Using Machine Learning Methods. In 7th International Conference on Research in Air Transportation.

Sun, J., Ellerbroek, J., & Hoekstra, J. (2016). Modeling and Inferring Aircraft Takeoff Mass from Runway ADS-B Data. In 7th International Conference on Research in Air Transportation.

Sun, J., & Xhafa, F. (2011, June). A genetic algorithm for ground station scheduling. In Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems (CISIS), 2011 International Conference on (pp. 138-145). IEEE.

Work Experiences

2015 - Present: PhD, TuDelft, Netherlands

2012-2015: Academic Coordination of SSP, International Space University, France

2011-2012: Researcher in Positioning Technology, Ascamm Technology Centre, Spain

2007-2011: Aerospace Engineer / IT Manager, Barcelona Aerospace Technology Centre, Spain

Some Fun Projects

pyModeS (aka. adsb-decoder)

The ADS-B decoder has evolved into a fully powered Mode-S decoder with contributions from the community. It decodes ADS-B messages and Enhanced Mode-S (DF20, DF21) messages. More information about aircraft airspeeds can be discovered with this tool.
GitHub and PIP

Aircraft Database

A database to search for aircraft IDs (such as ICAO address, registrations ID, etc) and related information. It is built in Python / Flask and data is from Flight Radar 24.
Aircraft Database and GitHub

ADS-B / EHS Decoding Guide

A guide to decode the ADS-B messages. Part of my PhD research involves using ADS-B data to assist aircraft performance modeling. This is the first project that I worked here at TuDelft.


BlueSky is the open source Air Traffic Simulation we are building in my group. I am only a part of the coding team, contributing to the development of the tool.


Creating an internet MEME is easy, but it is difficult for a computer to understand the accompanying text. We developed a machine learning system that can extract and understand the text within an internet MEME. The accuracy of the text recognition exceeds 95%.


A web-based platform that standardizes the proposal processing for ISU, Space Studies Program.
GitHub and Web

Indoor Positioning

For this project during my work in Spain, we built a functional indoor navigation system based on WiFi signals, as well as an experimental positioning method based on transliteration using a genetic algorithm. The project was primarily in Java, Python, and Android.